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The cities belonging to the network may ask for technical assistance required in the identification, organisation and implementation of urban development projects. Initial assistances may then be complemented by longer-term cooperation between territorial authorities belonging to the network.

The network’s cooperation charter states that priority will be given to requests from cities in the MENA region with projects which fit into a more global urban-development strategy, which enjoy strong political support and whose methodologies can be adopted by other MENA cities.

All requests are presented to the network’s Consultative Committee, the role of which is to find the most appropriate European partner (e.g. a city, an association or a technical institution). Requests sent to the network are formalised by means of a letter written by the mayor of the recipient city and the drafting of specifications which clarify the relevant expertise and make it possible to identify the best partner. Each mission results in a report which - where a project is exemplary in nature - may be usefully consulted by other network cities.