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The World Bank and the City of Marseilles take part to the organization of other seminars apart from their activities within the Europe-Mena network. These events have an interest for the knowledge sharing on the set of themes of the urban development.

.: Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Consultation,
Tunis, November 25-26, 2008
Energaia 2008
Montpellier, December 11, 2008
(In french only)

.: Innovation

Meeting on Innovation and Society in the Mediterranean Region, Mediterranean Economic week, Marseille, november 19, 2008


.: Spatial disparities and development policy

Consultation for the Middle East and Notrh Africa Region for the World Development Report 2009
Marseille, France, May 2008


.: Local governance

Workshop on Local Development and Planning,
Dead Sea, Jordan,
March 2007

Leadership Forum: High Performance in Development
Marseille, France, Octobre 2007


Workshop on Urban Local Governance - Glocal Forum Conference
Ankara, Turkey,
June-July 2006

Workshop on Urban Local Goverance - MENA Development Forum
Beirut, Lebanon
April 2006

.: Urban transport

Training: Public Transport Service Planning and Regulation: An Introduction, Rabat, Morocco, Januray 2008

Day on Master plan
Methodological approach on Master plan
Rabat, Morocco, January 2008

Videoconference on the democratic management of urban mobilities
Paris Rabat Dakar Yaounde, Antananarivo Bogota Washington, June 2007

Workshop on Public Urban Transportaton
Rabat, Morocco
November 2006