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.: MENA Development Forum MDF5 - April 2006, Beirut

Held from April 5-9, 2006 in Beirut, MENA Development Forum is a high-profile regional conference focusing on Making Reforms Work in the Middle East and North Africa. MDF5 is organized by the partnership of MENA think tanks, the local hosting partner the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Development Programme.

Seizing this unique opportunity, over 500 leaders have gathered from across the MENA, Iran and Turkey to meet with civil society, government and the private sector to share key ingredients for reforms and to work together for a better future. Dignitaries from around the region took part in these important discussions. MDF5 have taken advantage of the diverse audience to build on current social and economic reform initiatives and to create new ones.

Workshops have included parallel sessions and address specific reform themes such as judicial and legal issues, local governance and community empowerment, private sector development, trade, small and medium enterprise development and corporate social responsibility. Gender and youth empowerment have been highlighted throughout the Forum.

Urban Local Governance workshop:
- Background:

With increasing urbanization, worldwide and in MENA, Cities have to face new challenges and become the main source of basic services to citizens. The role of cities and local governments is central because they are responsible for delivering service that have direct impact on the daily live of its citizens.
Increasing attention focuses to the issue of urban governance and how it affects city performance in terms of access and quality of infrastructure service delivery.
Valuable experience and data are now available to monitor governance and performance of cities. Existing research and good practices suggest that good city governance and globalization can positively affect better performance in cities. The intriguing results can provide approaches to initiate Governance reforms that contribute to the city performance as well as human development in MENA.

- Purpose:
The session provides a platform to exchange and learn about how to reform local urban Governance. It intends to launch an action learning and knowledge sharing program as well mechanism to support cities on request on those issues.

~ More about the Urban Local Governance workshop

Proceedings of the Workshop :
~ Leautier, F. "Cities a Globalizing World: Governance, Performance and Sustainability", World Bank Institute
~ Narang, S. "The Urban Index : a tool to measure the quality of urban Governance", Urban Governance Section, UN-Habitat  
~ Nigro, S. "e-cities and Soul of the City : Increasing Residents' Satisfaction", Glocal Forum
~ Baltouni, M. "Municipal Governance Assistance Program", University of Albany, State of New York  
~ H.E Mayor Al-Hadid, N. "Greater Amman Municipality, Urban Governance Best Practices, Greater Amman Municipality" ~ Arabic version  
~ Dr. Abdelhalim, K. "Participatory Development Program in Urban Areas in Egypt: Good Urban Governance in Practice", Boulaq El Dakrour, Cairio  
~ Karam, S. & Malkawi, F. "Urban Governance in the MENA Region: Using Services Delivery Surveys to Enhance Municipal Management & Responsiveness", University of Sharjah  
~ Mervat Bani Hani, "Public Participation in preparation of Municipal Development Plans, experience of GTZ in one Jordanian Municipality", GTZ ~ Arabic version  
~ Dr. Madibo, A. "Presentation of Arab Urban Development Institute", AUDI  
~ MacLean-Abaroa, R. "Fighting Corruption in la Paz, Bolivia: Case study", World Bank Institute ~ French version  
~ Claassens, M. "Citizen Participation and Budget Transparency", Institute of Democracy in South Africa  
~ Gonzales de Asis, M. "Open and Participatory Government: a Municipal Anticorruption Learning Program for clients", World Bank Institute  

Videos of the workshop:

Proceeding of Frannie Leautier, Vice Presidente of the World Bank Institute

"Cities in a Globalizing world: Governance, Performance, and Sustainability, Key lessons from the global research on explaining urban performance"
  ~ Watch the complete video (21 minutes) [English] [Français]
  ~ Introduction: Understanding Cities in a Globalizing world [English] [Français]
  ~ Part 1: Globalization of City infrastructure: Local, Networked and global services? [English] [Français]
  ~ Part 2 : City performance profiles: What happened in Africa? [English] [Français]
  ~ Part 3 : Dynamic interaction between the mayors, citizens and firms? [English] [Français]
  ~ Part 4 : Globalization, technology and scale: How do they interact? [English] [Français]
  ~ Part 5 : Globalization and city performance: Does governance play a role? [English] [Français]
  ~ Conclusion [English] [Français]

Proceeding of Salvatore Nigro from the Glocal Forum
~ "e-cities and Soul of the City : Increasing Residents' Satisfaction"
[English] [Arabic]

Proceeding of Mr Aris, Mayor of Beirut
~ "The importance of the experience of westerns cities for the MENA Region"
[English] [Arabic]

Proceeding of Mr Khandriche from the association Touiza Solidarité
~ Conclusion of the session "Reforming local urban governance: how to do it"
[English] [Français]

Proceeding of Mr Rachid Jamali, Mayor of Tripoli
~ Criteria on Local Governance
[English] [Arabic]

Interview of Ronald MacLean-Abaroa from the World Bank Institute
~ Question 1: About experience on fighting corruption on the MENA Region [English]
~ Question 2: About the experience of La Paz in Bolivia [English]
~ Question 3: About the utility of the MDF Forum [English]
Question 4: What make the difference between developing countries and the United States [English]

Interview of Mr Mohamed Khandriche from the association Touiza Soliratité
~ Question 1: Objectives of the association Touiza Solidarité [Français]
~ Question 2: About reforms in the MENA Region [Français]

Interview of Mr Rachid Jamali, Mayor of Tripoli
~ Question 1: [Arabic]
~ Question 2: [Arabic]