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.: Presentation of training courses

The increase in the responsibilities of local authorities requires sharing a common vision of the issues and methods, subject by subject. This course may be made up of experts' workshops, practitioners' seminars and international conferences. The following course consists of condensing this knowledge into instruction documents (guidebook, recommendations guide etc.). Once this material has been brought together, the distribution work can begin: this is the training stage:

Training courses, making use of knowledge acquired together or using know-how that already exists among the partner local authorities or within the World Bank, are given on demand, to elected representatives, executives and engineers from local authorities of countries of the MENA Region.
These training courses combine theoretical work with practical contributions resulting from the concrete experience of local authorities of the Europe-MENA network. One of the constituents of these training courses consists of preparing concrete applications, which will be carried out by the trainees, with the agreement and the financing of the authorities to which they are attached.

If possible, these courses are implemented locally, by local training institutions.
Thus, for example, at the request of the Moroccan government, the training course on urban travel will be implemented in 2008 by the Hassania School of Public Works.

.: Training initiatives

Urban Transport training course (Morocco)
Rabat, Morocco, from January 2008 to July 2008
~ 1st session, 8 January 2008
~ 2rd session, 24-25 January 2008
~ 3rd session, 24-28 March 2008


Urban Development training course (Syria)
~ Now being prepared


.: Study Tour

Study Tour of a moroccan delegation on urban transports
Nantes and Rouen, France, May 21-23, 2008
(in French only)