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.: The network initiators - the World Bank and the City of Marseilles
In 2004, the City of Marseilles and the World Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with a view to combining their expertise in order to foster cooperation between Mediterranean local authorities in the area of urban development.

.: The members of the Consultative Committee
The role of the consultative committee is to propose areas for action, to examine and select requests received by the network and to make those requests known to partner local authorities and institutions.

.: The Charter signatories
On 15 March 2004, the Europe-MENA urban network cooperation charter was signed by 16 Mediterranean municipalities who thereby undertook to play a lasting role in the life of the network.
Moreover, a number of municipalities have announced their participation in the network officially by letter. Being a Charter signatory means being:
~ kept informed of the various events that are organised;
~ able to benefit from or help provide technical assistance;
~ able to benefit from or help provide training;
~ able to host and/or co-organise events.

.: The participants
As well as the signatories, certain other local authorities participate in actions conducted by the network. This can mean attending meetings, making experts available or seeking technical assistance. (Download the list of participating municipalities).

.: The technical partners
In organising its meetings and expert missions, the network can rely on the support of various specialist institutions which are active, notably, in the Mediterranean area.