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.: The network’s initiating partners: the World Bank and the City of Marseilles

~ The World Bank
The World Bank group, and in particular the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), places its specialist expertise at the disposal of the United Nations with a view to fighting poverty and raising living standards for the inhabitants of developing countries. The IBRD is a development bank which provides low- or medium-income countries with finance, advice, technical assistance and other services designed to optimize knowledge sharing and use. In Marseilles in 2004, it created KNA-MENA - the Knowledge Network Agency for the Middle East and North Africa region - one of whose programmes concerns sustainable urban development. ~ www.worldbank.ordg/wbi/knamena

~ The City of Marseilles
With its centuries-old tradition as an open city acting as a link between cultures, Marseilles is determined to develop into a major international urban centre serving as an active interface between Europe and the Mediterranean. Marseilles has much to gain by further opening up to the outside world:
~ knowledge of other cultures also means greater knowledge of one’s own culture, and interaction makes for a better approach to globalisation,
~ status as a host city makes it easier to attract and hold onto expertise, talent and capital,
~ actions and projects born of the city’s social life can build international influence and international awareness of Marseilles.