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.: Energy Efficiency Consultation in Middle East and North Africa Region
Tunis, November 25-26, 2008

  • Presentation:

    With funding from ESMAP, the World Bank began in 2008 a study on the theme of: "Tapping a Hidden Resource: Energy Efficiency in the Middle East and North Africa."

    The World Bank wishes to conduct a consultation with officials and other stakeholders from the region. This consultation was organized in Tunis (Tunisia), on November, 25-26, 2008.

    The consultation workshop held in Tunis (in three languages: Arabic, English and French) focused on the three following themes:
    ~ The contribution of energy efficiency to growth and sustainable development;
    ~ Policies and strategies for energy efficiency, through: (i) pricing and social protection; (ii) institutions for energy efficiency; (iii) financing mechanisms; and,
    ~ Learning from success and implementation challenges.

  • Objectives:

    The aim of the workshop was to permit :
    ~ An exchange of experiences on energy efficiency between MENA countries ;
    ~ MENA countries' feedback on the findings of the study, before it is finalized; and,
    ~ An exchange of views on the priorities for action on energy efficiency, and any potential role to be played by donors, including the World Bank.

    The workshop mobilized around forty national and local decision-makers, stakeholders and experts/researchers in charge of economic, financial, planning and energy issues in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, in the presence of representatives of donor agencies or international institutions working on the theme of energy efficiency.

  • Informations:

    ~ Program
    ~ Summary - Arabic version
    ~ List of participants
    ~ World Bank/ESMAP Report
    ~ World Bank/ESMAP Report Summary

  • Proceedings:

    ~ Mr. Jonathan Walters, Sector Manager, World Bank: The World Bank's Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Overview of the World Bank Study

    ~ Mr. Alex Kremer, Senior Economist, World Bank : Brief Presentation of Chapters 1-3 of the study (Arabic version)

    ~ Dr. Samir Amous, APEX Conseil, Tunisia: Is Energy Efficiency critical for growth and competitiveness? (In French only)

    ~ Mrs. Dominique Lallement, Consultant, World Bank: Brief presentation of Chapters 4-6 of the study (Arabic version)

    ~ Dr. Metri Al Mdanat, Ministry of Finance, Jordan: Implementing Pricing Policy Reform with Social Protection in Jordan (Arabic version)

    ~ Mr. Raymond Ghajar, Advisor, MOE, Lebanon: What lessons can we learn from other countries? (Arabic version)

    ~ Mr. Mohamed Bakri, Director for International Cooperation, CDER, Morocco: Reforming existing institutional framework (In French only)

    ~ Mr. Benaissa Ayadi, Director General, ANME, Tunisia: Financing for Energy Efficiency in Tunisia (Arabic version)

    ~ Mr. Kamel Dali, Projects Director, APRUE, Algeria: Mécanismes de financement de la Maîtrise de l’énergie en Algérie (In French only - Arabic version)

    ~ Mr. Youssef Kettani, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency, ONE, Morocco: Supply side energy efficiency (Arabic version)

    ~ Ms. Henda Gafsi, Consultant, World Bank: Gender and Energy Efficiency Study, Tunisia (Arabic version)

    ~ Mr. Stéphane Quéfélec, Project Manager, Energy, UNEP/Plan Bleu: Climate change and energy in the Mediterranean

    ~ Mr. Mouaad Jamai, Secretary General, Greater Casablanca Wilaya, Morocco: Stratégie de Développement pour le Grand Casablanca (In French only)

    ~ Mr. Yassen Basel, West Bank & Gaza: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE/RE) Applications in Palestine

    Mr. R. Kupisz, Team Leader, Euro-Arab Mashreq Gas Cooperation: Facilitating Investment in Energy Efficiency (Arabic version)

    ~ Mr Mahmood Khalil, Kurdistan regional government Ministry of Electricity, Iraq: Energy Efficiency Program

    ~ Mr Boubker Chatre, Ministry of Energy, Morocco: Gestion de l'équilibre électrique, offre-demande 2008-2012 au Maroc (In French only)

    ~ Ms Rima Le Coguic, AfD, Tunis: Promouvoir l'Efficacité énergétique dans le zone MENA : quel rôle pour les bailleurs (In French only)

    For more information on Energy Efficiency, please click here to visit the ESMAP website