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.: Glocal Forum Conference - June 30 - July 3, 2006, Ankara Turkey

The Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference, entitled “Meeting of Civilizations” has been convened by the Glocal Forum and the Municipality of Ankara to bring representatives of cities worldwide together with global organizations to address issues related to peacebuilding and development.

World Bank Institute Vice President Frannie Léautier has spoken at the opening dinner and has moderated the panel session on “Governance Reforms for Better City Performance in the Middle East and North Africa” co-organized by the Glocal Forum and the WBI KNA-MENA office in Marseille. In this session, urban practitioners in MENA have presented key results of city management surveys, and participants have built an action plan for a workshop on local urban governance to be held in September 2006.

The Ankara event is the fifth annual conference organized by the Glocal Forum. Against a background of increasing economic disparity between the developed and developing worlds, and increasing tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds, mayors of 80 cities worldwide have met to build bridges and plan cooperative development projects.

The Glocal Forum: s
The Glocal Forum is the leading international organization in the field of city-to-city cooperation; it plays a unique and vital role in peace building and international development in the non-governmental sector.
The Glocal Forum network includes over 100 cities across the world. It focuses on the glocalization model of city-to-city diplomacy, youth empowerment, and development through public-private partnership and the application of ICT.

Proceedings of the workshop:
~ Léautier, F."Governance Reforms for better city performance in MENA", World Bank Institute
~ Malkawi, F. & Karam, S. "Municipal management tools: using service delivery surveys to solicit end user feedback", World Bank
~ GTZ "Poverty alleviation through municipal development (PAMD): Experience in aplying collaborative approaches on one pilot municipality"
~ Gonzalez de Asis, M. "GAP. Open and participatory government. A municipal antucorruption learning program for clients" World Bank Institute
~ Mac Lean, R. "Governance reforms for better city performance in MENA", World Bank Institute
~ Mac Lean, R. "Fighting corruption in La Paz, Bolivia. A case study", World Bank Institute

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