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.: City Development Strategies: Marrakech, December 2004 and Damascus, January 2005

The decentralization process generally means greater power and resources for cities, and thus calls for better management and more in-depth development planning.
Cities Alliance defines a City development strategy as an “action plan for equitable growth in cities and their surrounding regions, developed and sustained through participation, to improve the quality of life for all citizens”.

The seminars organized in Marrakech and Damascus focused on the main components of urban development strategy (economic development, urban planning, management of slum clearance, sustainable development and cultural heritage) and on the tools required for the implementation of such a strategy (research, participation in civil society, relations between various levels of government, monitoring and evaluation, etc.).

So far, several cities in the MENA region have embarked upon or are about to embark upon a city development strategy. These include Aden (Yemen), Alexandria (Egypt), Alep (Syria), Amman (Jordan), Sanaa (Yemen), Sfax (Tunisia) and Tripoli (Lebanon)

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