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.: Training: Public Transport Service Planning and Regulation: An Introduction, Rabat, Morocco, Januray, 24-25, 2008

The Ministry of Interior in Morocco and the World Bank have organized on January 24, 2008, in Rabat, Morocco a training on Urban Transport.

  • Background

    Improving the access and mobility of the poor through the provision of safe, effective and affordable public transport is an important tool for promoting economic development and poverty alleviation. A focus on the transport modes of poor people essentially means the provision of affordable forms of public transport, both formal and informal.

    Thus, the critical need is to properly plan, organize and regulate passenger transport service and operations in a competitive environment, with a specific focus on meeting needs of the poor and addressing safety and environmental concerns.

  • Objective

    The objective of the course is to:
    ~ Provide training on public transport service and operations planning, organizational/market structures and regulation.
    ~ Learn from international best practices in public transport service and operations planning;
    ~ Guide national and city policy makers through the process of planning and regulating environmentally and financially sustainable transport services and operations.

  • Informations

    ~ The program
    ~ The Concept Note

  • Proceedings of this workshop :

    ~ Brian McCollom, "Introduction Bus Industry Reform", World Bank
    ~ Grégoire Gauthier, "Terminology and Basic Relationships", World Bank
    ~ Sam Zimmerman, "Market Factors and Demand Analysis", World Bank
    ~ Brian McCollom, "Network and Route Design", World Bank
    ~ Sam Zimmerman, "Fares and Revenue: Policy, Analysis and Collection", World Bank
    ~ Sam Zimmerman, "Measures & Standards", World Bank
    ~ Brian McCollom, "Service Monitoring and Data Collection", World Bank
    ~ Grégoire Gauthier, "Performance Analysis", World Bank
    ~ Brian McCollom, "Schedule Building", World Bank
    ~ Sam Zimmerman, "Cost Analysis and Financial Planning", World Bank