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Official website of the Europe-MENA Euromedina network.
Postal address: Ville de Marseille – Secretariat general – 13233 Marseille Cedex 20
Business address: Villa Valmer – 271, Corniche Kennedy – 13007 Marseille

Responsible editor : Sylvain Houpin – City of Marseille
Webmaster : Loraine Falconetti – World Bank.

1. Concerning Author’s Rights, Copyright © and Links
Author’s Rights:
"Public" or "official" documents are not subject to author’s rights (article L.122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code), and may, therefore, be reproduced freely.
The information contained in said documents must be used only for personal or professional purposes or for the needs of an association; all use for or in connection with commercial or advertising purposes is strictly forbidden.
Said documents may be printed or reproduced electronically on condition that:
- all resultant reproductions be furnished free of charge,
- the integrity of said documents be maintained (no modifications or alterations of any kind)
- explicit mention be made of the fact that the website is the source and that the reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.
All other content on the website is subject to author’s rights. In accordance with article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, all use of said content therefore requires the permission of the author.

Graphics, photographs and videos:
Graphics, photographs and multimedia resources may not be reproduced without prior permission. Requests relating to artwork and illustrations are to be addressed to the rights holders. Please contact the Webmaster in this respect.

Creation of links to
The website of the Europe-MENA Euromedina network authorises the use of hypertext links pointing to its content on condition that:
- deep-linking techniques not be used – i.e. the pages of the website must be displayed, not within the pages of another website, but in a separate window which opens when a link is used.
- Mention be made of the source of the content pointed to by a link.
The information concerned must be used only for personal or professional purposes or for the needs of an association; all use for or in connection with commercial or advertising purposes is strictly forbidden.
This authorisation in no way applies to websites providing information which is racist, pornographic, xenophobic or controversial in nature, or which is liable to cause offence to the general public.

2. Concerning the content
Official texts:
While every effort is made to protect the integrity of official documents put online, accidental errors may occur.

Editorial texts:
Editorial texts have no official value. Their use is intended merely to present the activities of the Europe-MENA netwotk and to facilitate access to the contents of the website.

Links to other websites:
Links are provided to other French and foreign websites, both private and official. The content of said websites is in no way the responsibility of the Europe-MENA Euromedina network, and said links are intended merely to facilitate access by internet users to other documentary resources relating to subjects covered by items consulted by them on this website.

3. Concerning the protection of personal data
No personal information is collected without your knowledge.
No personal information is provided to third parties.
This website has been declared to the French data-protection authority (CNIL), and is registered under no. 1162555.

Statistical data:
In order to optimise our knowledge of the areas which are of interest to those visiting our website and thereby to optimise the website itself, we may collect data concerning numbers of visits, numbers of pages displayed, the ways in which visitors use the website and the frequency of return visits. To this end, use may be made of cookies. The refusal or deletion of cookies has no effect on your access to the website. If you wish to refuse the storing of cookies or to be warned before accepting cookies, we suggest that you consult the help section of your browser, where you will find details of how to proceed.
Moreover, the Europe-MENA Euromedina network may analyse traffic by using connection data. IP addresses are stored for no longer than 24 hours.

The "Contact" section:
Personal data (lastname, firstname, institution or town, message content and e-mail address) is collected via forms used for the transmission of messages to the Europe-MENA Euromedina network. Such data collection enables messages to be processed and replies to be sent to the e-mail or postal addresses supplied by the senders of said messages. Only those persons involved in the processing of this correspondence have access to the data collected.
You are reminded that it is always possible to contact the Europe-MENA Euromedina network by post at:
Reseau Europe-MENA / Euromedina - Ville de Marseille – Secretariat general – 13233 Marseille Cedex 20

4. Concerning the Credits
Hosting: Marseille Innovation /
Development, integration and artwork: World Bank.
Photo credits: C. Boutrolle, G. Pipien, P. Delcey, L. Falconetti, C. Carnemark, J. Etchart and B. Lyons.