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.: Regional Urban Transport Workshop in Skhirat, Morocco
January, 22-23, 2008

Workshop organized by the World Bank, le City of Marseille, the Moroccan Ministry of Interior (DGCL/DPE), the Plan Bleu, CODATU, Medcities and AFD.

The objective of the workshop is to enable open and constructive exchanges to define new ways to approach urban mobility in Mediterranean cities that could meet the challenges of sustainable development. Elected officials and professionals in charge of urban transport will have the opportunity to meet and to share their experiences, to confront their points of view, and to determine points of reference that will guide their actions.
Within this framework, a guide of recommendations will be presented as a conclusion to the workshop.

The workshop will focus on the following: Urban Transport: Organization, Planning, and Financing

Workshop sessions will be organized around four specific topics:
~ Institutional organization, regulation, planning and citizen participation
~ Economic issues (costs, fares, subsidies) and financing (public, private, PPPs)
~ Conventional urban transport services (street-based and rapid transit)
~ Traffic management
As an introduction to the workshop, the current situation of urban transport in Mediterranean countries will be assessed after which, case studies, theoretical analysis, and field studies will be presented by experts. These case studies will not be limited to Mediterranean cities. They will also include reports on other cities in Europe and South America.

.: Information:
~ Program fo the workshop
~ Concept note

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